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1stExperts.com deals with people who are widely recognized as a reliable source of skill or technique in a particular area of study.

Experts are historically known as the person relied upon to deliver quality information above the average knowledge known by the masses to those in need of direction.

The creation of an expert can be done through study, training, education, experience, and several other avenues of skill gathering. Experts are not born, but rather made.

There is no set time for a person to become an expert. Usually through years of extensive experience in real life day to day practice is what creates an expert.

Obtaining a degree from any school system does not grant a person the title of expert. Experts are earned skills rather than just attending classrooms. Many experts may never receive a degree from any higher level education system. Often you can have an expert because of years or decades of on the job training rather than academic accomplishments.

Centuries ago, experts were referred to as philosophers or as a sage. These people were set apart by their skill of wisdom and sound judgement.


The term expert means slightly different skills as pertaining to different fields of study. For example, an expert witness in a courtroom is a person above approach in their opinion. However, an expert by experience such as a financial adviser may have many experts in the same field and yet they not agree on only one correct answer to any problem.

Experts are persons who deliver skills and knowledge that are distinguished from novices or the lesser experienced person.

As a general rule, the expert can deliver a better performance results than a novice or less experienced person. For example, an expert marksman can hit a target more frequently than a novice.

An additional example of how an expert is viewed differently than an average skilled person is the results obtained by an expert gambler will win more often than a novice or average person gambling.

Another skill level of an expert is the ability to be presented with a problem and the ability to quickly prepare a response on how to solve the problem faster than an average person may or may not ever obtain the same answer. This problem solving skill is a universal trait of being an expert.


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